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Malgorzata Ruszkows

United States
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I am a native English speaker from Seattle, WA in the U.S. My expertise as an educator includes assisting learners with pronunciation, speaking fluency, and reading comprehension.

I have taught ESL in several well-regarded colleges in NYC and taught abroad as well. I have a BA in Coaching, Diploma in Technical Construction and a teaching certificate TEFL in ESL from an institute in Madrid, Spain, where I was selected from a wide list of candidates for a two-year work-study scholarship. I lived there for almost eight years and consider myself almost fluent in Spanish. I teach academic writing, grammar, punctuation, communication, reading, pronunciation, accent reduction and vocabulary building. I have taught students from all backgrounds and nations, from middle-school age to senior citizens. I am patient, creative, have a good sense of humor, and try to make the lessons interesting and relevant. I have created hundreds of lesson plans and dialogues using grammar points, literature, vocabulary and pronunciation, based on the Rassias Method (an interactive acting-based method of teaching a second language), in which I am certified.

2015: EIV International Joint Stock Company – English Teacher
• Teach conversational and specialized English to students at a variety of levels.
• Teaching students across all disciplines of the English language ( Speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and its functional uses).

International Buddhist Centre – English Teacher
• Teaching English to children, teenagers and adults
• Prepare a detailed plan for each lesson
• Deal with discipline issues effectively
• Focus on high quality curriculum and learning through play
• Focus on correcting student’s pronunciation and emphasize on how to make a clear accent

Regional Tourist Office (Mahajanga – Madagascar)
• Teaching English to tourist guides and personnel
• Individual English Tutorials to Adults

• The Coaching Academy – Richmond upon-Thames, United Kingdom
Diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching

• Technical College, Poland
Diploma in Technical Construction

• TEFL Certificate: 120 hours certified teaching English as Foreign

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