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My goal as a teacher or tutor is to provide access to quality education. Standartized tests, for better or worse, are the current gatekeepers in our society to a shrinking middle class. Suspendisse a sapien consectetur justo pulvinar egestas. Sed imperdiet iaculis arcu, porta semper lacus volutpat et. Aenean ullamcorper tellus et metus facilisis posuere id vitae libero. Nam quis ipsum in metus sollicitudin volutpat eu eget nunc.

I am a native English speaker and come from Chester (a Roman city) in the United Kingdom. I’ve been working as a teacher/trainer for 22 years and have tutored a lot of students. In my early 20’s I lived in Greece and learnt to speak Greek. It’s really tricky language to learn so I understand how important it is to learn a foreign language and use it in daily life and business. In my free time I like to swim and walk in the countryside, go to the theatre and cook dinner for family and friends. I also enjoy travelling and have spent time in India, Australia, Thailand and Europe – especially Greece.

Very much looking forward to meeting you soon!

Besides having worked as a Secondary school teacher in UK and international schools I also work as a freelance theatre practitioner/writer devising Effective Communication courses for companies and organizations. Responsive, approachable and adaptable I am an experienced highly qualified native-speaker delivering English to individuals and business clients around the world via Skype.

 BA Hons Drama and English

PGCE Secondary Drama

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