Teaching English: TEFL Pedagogy & Best Practices

 The course is based on EIV Online’s own pedagogical method and designed to teach your instructors the most effective approach to second language acquisition (SLA) for teens and adults.

In this course, learners are taught the research, philosophies and best practices for Second Language Acquisition (SLA), with a particular emphasis on Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT).


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Learn the key elements of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and watch examples of the key elements in online classrooms.

Study the principles of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) and learn how to apply them in a classroom.

Learn how to teach English language learners using authentic materials and watch examples of teachers and students interacting with authentic materials.

Learn how to create lessons that target receptive skills or productive skills. Also view examples of real lesson plans and listen to teachers using lesson plans in their classes.

Read about the main components of a task-based English lesson and watch teachers apply these stages in a real class. Also learn how to engage students in the classroom using Instruction Checking Questions and Concept Checking Questions.

Learn about the value of giving feedback to students, as well as the various methods of giving corrective feedback to students, and see real examples of each.

Understand proficiency scales and how and why to use different forms of assessment. Also learn about common standardized tests, such as the TOEFL and IELTS, and how to prepare students to take them.

Learn about the benefits of using technology inside and outside of the classroom. Set up your online classroom and learn tools and tips on how to facilitate learning.

Understand language learning variables, such as age and motivation, and how they affect language learning. Learn how to teach students with different learning styles.

Learn different techniques for classroom management in traditional and online classrooms. In addition, learn tips on how to teach with limited resources.

Review the principles of SLA and TBLT, how to use authentic materials in the classroom and how to lesson plan and structure your lessons.