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South Africa
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I really enjoy teaching juniors, as I find you energetic, eager to learn and so much fun in the class. I also like engaging with my students help improve their communication skills

(Tiếng Việt)

Tôi thích học những điều mới mẻ, đặc biệt là ngôn ngữ mới, cũng như trải nghiệm và khám phá những nền văn hóa khác biệt và lạ lẫm. Tôi 29 tuổi và có 39 anh chị em họ. Tôi đọc rất nhiều truyện viễn tưởng. Hồi trung học, tôi ăn chay trong ba năm. Từ đó đến giờ, tôi luôn cố ăn thật nhiều thịt heo muối xông khói và gà chiên để bù lại. Tôi rất thích ghé cửa hàng bánh và tìm kiếm chiếc bánh sôcôla ngon nhất. Năm 2013, tôi bắt đầu dạy tiếng Anh. Từ đó đến nay, tôi đã giảng dạy Online cho nhiều học viên đến từ Việt Nam và Hàn Quốc. Tôi rất thích công việc này.Tôi thích cười thật nhiều và thường hát khi tâm trạng tốt.”

Bài giảng của tôi khá thú vị, tôi sử dụng nhiều hình ảnh và có cả bảng viết phía sau màn hình nữa. Các bạn tham khảo một bài giảng mẫu của tôi:



Employer:   Rightsoure                                                                     


Position: Online English Teacher                  



Period of employment: Current


Responsibilities :                                            TESOL/TEFL qualified

                                                                        planning, preparing and delivering lessons

                                                                        preparing teaching materials

                                                                        helping pupils improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills                                                                                                                                  via individual and group sessions

                                                                        checking and assessing pupils’ work

                                                                        organising and running specialist courses

                                                                        attending social events

                                                                        Excellent spoken and written language skills, with English and foreign languages

                                                                        Clear diction


                                                                        Lateral thinking


                                                                        Providing support to children with mathematics, reading and writing on an individual,                                                                                              class or small group basis

                                                                        Giving extra help to children with special needs or those for whom English is not their                                                                                             first language

                                                                        Helping to develop programmes of learning activities and adapting appropriate                                                                                                                          materials

                                                                        Motivating and encouraging pupils




Employer:                                                        Vodacom Head Office


Position:                                       Store Manager                                             



Period of employment:                 September 2016




                                                                        Stock ordering,managing staff,daily reports                 

                                                     Dealing with customer account queries

                                                                        Hello peter complaints, resolving account charges and logging the query.

                                                                        Updating the clients on the status of their query

                                                                        Verifying client details and assists with package changes, cancellations,

                                                                        Repair queries and booking in of handsets, OBF escalations

                                                                        Handling irate clients and following up.

                                                                        Data retarrifs for the clients account, Formatting letters to the clients eg, repair

                                                                        Doing weekly reports for meetings




Dealing with refunds and advising clients on the policy and procedure

                                                                        Informing clients on their contract, liasing with the vetting department.

                                                                        Training on – Application vetting, sim swops, customer care, activations

                                                                        Transfer of ownership for contracts.

                                                                        Assisting the Director with any issues

Receive and deal with incoming correspondence and escalate to appropriate parties when necessary.
Log all complaints on the CRM system.

Attempt to resolve cases swiftly .

Maintain Group customer service standards in terms of the handling of correspondence.
Investigate complaints and gathering of information with regards to complaints/queries
Reply to correspondence/queries
Escalate sensitive correspondence to the Customer Relations Manager.
Liaise with different parties to ensure that issues noted in correspondence are resolved.
Escalate cases to regional or divisional manager if feedback is not received within 24 hours from first level
Ensure must be resolved within 48 hours, unless it includes third parties such as suppliers, or requires further investigation and/or testing

Ensure that full resolutions are recorded in case logs
Provide customers with product and service information where possible
Complete all call logs correctly and with the most necessary details/information and ensure you always use spell check where necessary
To submit weekly reports of incidents handled timeously and accurately
Make sure all complaints/questions are answered/resolved in a reasonable time-frame
Provide feedback on complaint counts and trends
To assist with the implementation/maintenance of customer service policies in stores                                        


Reference                                     Natalie 061 444 3143 / 071 886 9547


Employer:                                      Webhelp UK call Centre course


Period of employment:                October 2013 current


Handling of inbound calls regarding network and service issues and selling of value add’s.
Conducting sales calls regarding network and service issues and selling of value add’s.
Maintain a high standard of written and verbal communication
Maintain and proactively improve sales, product knowledge, new technology and systems knowledge
Client liaison regarding placing orders through the website with a focus on customer service
Identifying customer needs and delivering a tailored efficient solution
Meeting or exceeding all sales, acquisitions & revenue targets through client communication and excellent customer service
Maintain extensive knowledge of business propositions, competitor offers and the wider business environment’s challenges and solutions






Employer:                                                        Hisense


Period of employment:           1st May 2013-Sep 2013


Position:                                                         Instore Sales Rep


Responsibilities :                                            Giving customer product knowledge, making store targets, reporting to meetings every day, ordering stock, liaising with head office, maintaining my store and keeping it neat. Check store sales and setting up promotions on products. Training staff on the products as they are released. Building relationships with customers and sales people in store. Ensuring I reach my deadlines on my reports and stock check. Do all our Samsung product returns and ordering stock from the warehouse. Building a relationship with the managers and staff to boost sales. Submitting sales reports monthly advertising and promotions running from week to week. Creating shop displays and making sure all products are displays including all sale points. Checking weekly stock on competitor’s products and feedback from the customers. Setting up displays and creating a nice brand environment with our entire different product in order for the customer to have a better shopping experience. Marketing at PnP and Makro mass stores.

The home appliances stock must be merchandised so the customer can buy the brand.


Reference:                                                 Garth Holmes 079 267 2780 Manager



Employer.                                 :                Samsung


Period of employment. :           April 2011-April 2013


Postition.           :                         Internal Sales Rep

Responsibilities. :                   

data capturing on handheld system (staff and self)

Utilize available data to compile retail mapping reports
Analyse data to create and implement initiatives to drive sell out
Weekly store auditing of staff and identification of improvement actions through weekly meetings
Establish action plans to improve based on weekly audit results
Increase and maintain retail assets • Accurate and timeous of report data
Action plans for improvement
Growth of retail assets
Resolution/timeous escalation of red flag issues
Effectiveness of initiatives

Drive sell out • Drive sell out by understanding targets per store, per brand and per LSM and breaking these down into measurable increments
Increase volumes in stores by identifying fast vs slow movers and increase / decrease forward share accordingly
Drive ad hoc promotions / deals to increase sales
Negotiate space based on rate of sales
Identify in-store cross-merchandising opportunities
Ensure stock pressure is applied
Monitor in-store pricing and communicate anomalies to store owner / manager and client

Report on out-of-stocks
Negotiate ordering of stock

Effective management of returned goods system and follow up on damaged goods collections
Develop alternative strategies to increase sales
Ensure timely implementation of promotional activities and communicate non-compliance
Training of store sales consultants
Ensure all store sales consultants are registered on MCS/Smart Life Incentive programme and drive uploads
Sales targets achieved / exceeded
Relevant measures of forward share
Relevant pricing measures
No impact on sell-in due to accumulated returns / damaged stock
Effective management of promotional activities • Facilitate the implementation of promotional grids as per agreed time-frames and objectives
Communicate promotional activities to customers
Negotiate POS material with store owners / managers
Ensure promotional activities have been implemented, maintained and reported on
Provide feedback to relevant stakeholders
Monitor competitors’ new innovations
Ensure all store staff understand mechanics of promotion and provide feedback to Management
Create, plan, negotiate and execute innovative promotional campaigns / activities to drive sales in area of responsibility
Carry out Blitz activities from time to time when required
Report back on success of promotional activities/Strike rate and execution of promotional activities /Sales growth on promotions Additional space obtained in storeAchievement of POP objectives • Ensure store-specific planograms and category flows are implemented and maintained
Customer feedback,OOS below target, Adherence to training grid,MCS Sell out data



Reference:                                                      Lesinde Borgman







Employer                                                        Mtn


Period of Employment                                   October 2008 –Jan 2011

Position                                                          Customer Service Consultant


Responsibilities                            Dealing with customer account queries

                                                                        Making sure the banking gets done of the stores intake for each day

                                                                        Keeping all the customers important documents such as Bank account details, credit                                                                                                cards details, Id numbers etc

                                                                          Mailing head office on a daily bases for customer issues and there account problems     Making sure that the customer has proof of Id when coming to enquire about His/hers   account or bill

                                                                          Completed Inventory training

                                                                          Being responsible for stock exiting the store and when issuing it to the customer

                                                                          Doing customer new contracts, upgrades, Sim swops, package changes, etc

                                                                          Ensuring the customers details are kept private

                                                                          Reach my target and get more sales

                                                                          Making sure the customer gets all the service they need

  Answering customers calls when they need assistance over the phone           regarding their cell phone and network       issues

                                                                          Making sure al the documents are there when a customer applies for a new contract

                                                                          Ensuring that the customer leaves the store in a good spirit

                                                                          Knowing all systems and how they operate

                                                                       Doing the store cash-up and banking for coin to collect and closing day end.





Reference                                                      Nazlie Adams 083 200 4765


Reason for Leaving                                         Maternity Leave


Employer                                                     United African Solutions


Period of Employment                                   March 2008 – Current (part time)


Position                                                          Freelance Musician


Responsibilities                                             Voice training, Singing to the children


Reference                                                    Sarita Gous     073 204 5476




Employer                                                        Omega Human Capital


Period of Employment                                    November 2007 – March 2008


Position                                                           Receptionist / Coordinator


Responsibilities                                               Answering the switchboard.

Correctly portray the company image.

Ensuring that calls are channeled correctly and those messages are taken accurately and completely.

Advising recipients verbally of e-mail if urgent.

Ensuring that the telephone and related equipment are in full operating       order.

Assisting clients and candidates in a professional manner.

Ensuring that the reception area and interview cubicle are presentable at all                  times.

Keeping control of interview cubicle bookings.

Maintaining an up to date internal telephone / staff birthday listing.

Account for and file registration for employment forms in numerical order.

Entering all registration for employment forms into the register on a daily    basis.

Scanning the candidate’s documents.

Faxing important documents to the candidates.

Creating folders for candidates in 999 and transferal scanned documents into                  the folder.

Entering all candidate data onto rocket database.

Acting as backup CV Typist / PA.


Reason for leaving                                         Retrenched


Reference                                                   Thersia Sables 073 502 5012




Employer                                                        Vodacom Golf Village


Period of                                                        August 2007 – November 2007


Position                                                          Sales Consultant


Responsibilities                                              Marketing of memberships contracts


Reason for leaving                                         End of contract


Reference                                                      Brett Du Plooy 021 761 6007




Employer                                                        Woolworths


Period of Employment                                   November 2005 – July 2007


Position                                                           Manager-  1year

                                                Pay Point Controller-  3months

                                                                        Till Operator               -2weeks

                                                                      Sales Assistant            -training


Responsibilities                                               Managing staff of 200 and more, ensure there is sufficient staff members, authorizing sales, holding meetings, taking minutes , signing of sales floor , ensure replenishment takes place, making sure all cash-up is done at the end of the day.

Drawing reports of the stores target sales. Doing the department layout and structure, making sure the staff rosters are drawn up and available for my staff. Dealing with Irate customers and solving issues.


Reference                                                       Portia Hannie 083 421 0090


Reason for leaving                                        Career Growth






School Attended                                           Belgravia High


Highest Standard Achieved                           Matric


Year                                                               2005


Subjects                                                         English, Afrikaans, Mathematics,

                                                                       Biology, Geography, History, Computer Literacy


KEY OFFICE & TECHNICAL SKILLS                                                                                                                                                                   


  • Copy typing 40wpm.
  • Diary, e-mail, telephone and travel management, and correspondence drafting.
  • Organizing meetings, large mail merges and mail-outs, and customer liaison.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Explorer).
  • Transcription: Win-scribe
  • Created new and updated existing company database with Microsoft Access.


INTERESTS – Humanitarian work, singing, traveling, dancing, music.


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