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I am interested in working with your company and meeting your wonderful Vietnamese students.

Hello, my name is Marie. 

My fellow teacher in Durban, South Africa, Allan Jasmin, told me about your company. I am interested in working with your company and meeting your wonderful Vietnamese students. I have worked as an English teacher and tutor for many years. I lived in Taiwan for one year and in Japan for four and half years. I have also worked with Education First (EF) as an online English teacher. I have an Honours degree in Musical Theatre and a three year major in English Literature. I also have a TEFL Certificate. I have also taught students preparing for IELTS examinations with EF. 


Thank you again for your time and consideration.



Teaching Employment (English):


Taichung Cornel English School [Taiwan]:                                      2004 to 2005

Junior and Middle Kindergarten [Ages 3 to 5]

Substitute teaching [Grade 4, 5 and 6]


International Bible Church – Grace Language School [Japan]:       2005 to 2006

English Second Language to Adults


Kyoto International University Academy [Japan]:                            2006 to 2008

Head of Music Department

Music, Singing & Choir [Grade 1 to 5, Middle School and High School]

Elementary Christmas Production and MS/HS Easter Production

Created Scope and Sequence for ACSI Accreditation                                                                                                                         English Reading [Grade 1 and 4]


Caroo Tutoring [Cape Town]:                                     August to December 2008

English, Afrikaans and Mathematics Tutor [Grade 8]


All Saints Anglican Church [Cape Town]:               July 2010 to December 2011

Part-Time Youth Worker


Japan Mission [Japan]:                                              January 2014 to July 2015

English Second Language [Ages 3 to 80]


Private Tutor [Cape Town]:                            October 2015 to September 2016

English, Afrikaans, History, Geography, Natural Science, Life Orientation,

EMS, Dramatic Arts [Grade 2 to 10]



Private Tutor and Au Pair [Cape Town]:                                                                     October 2016 to March 2017

English, Afrikaans, History, Geography, Life Orientation, Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts

[Grade R, 7 and 8]


Online English Teacher [Cape Town]:                                                                                 February to May 2016

Pangea Outsourcing Services for Education First (EF)

[Children, Adolescents and Adults; Private and Group Lessons]


Teaching Experience (Drama): Cape Town


Pinelands High School:                                                         1998

One day a week – Full Year [Ages 13 to 17]


St Mary’s Catholic School:                                                    1998

One day a week – Full Year [Ages 8 to 9]


Rhodes High School:                                                           1998

One day a week – Half Year [Ages 13 to 17]


Groote Schuur High School:                                                1999

One Day a week – Full Year [Ages 13 to 17]


Wynberg Girls High School:                                                1999

Extra-Mural Eisteddfod Preparation [Ages 13 to 17]



School                                                          1985 to 1992


Wynberg Girls High School:                                                          1993 to 1997

History, Geography, Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Typing


The Studio [Trinity College London]:

Licentiate Teachers Diploma (LTCL)                                         1998 to 1999 Practical & Theory examinations completed

Thesis component incomplete


University of Cape Town:

BA Theatre and Performance [Honours Equivalent]                   2000 to 2003

Musical Theatre & English Literature


Operation Mobilisation:

Christian Missions Training                                            February to July 2009


Cornerstone Institute:

Certificate in Community Counselling with Distinction                  2010 to 2011

Supervised Practicum completed:

Hope House Counselling Centre                               May to November 2011

Princess Christian Home                                                     April to July 2011


Foundation TEFL:

120 Hour TEFL Certificate                                         February to March 2017


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