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(Tiếng Việt) Adam Ostrenga

United States

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(Tiếng Việt) Hi my name is Adam Ostrenga and I'm an American who's been teaching
English for over 11 years. I've taught English in many countries,
including China, Turkey and Poland.

(Tiếng Việt) Hi my name is Adam Ostrenga and I’m an American who’s been teaching
English for over 11 years. I’ve taught English in many countries,
including China, Turkey and Poland. In China I was a teacher at Harbin
Normal University (哈尔滨师范大学) for 6 years, and I have experience
teaching English online. I’ve been an IELTS judge before, so I know
what they look for. I speak Chinese and Spanish as well. In my free
time I like to learn languages, play FIFA on Xbox, play guitar and go
out with my friends. I’m a fun teacher and you’ll be laughing a lot!
I look forward to meeting u for classes!

(Tiếng Việt) Jan/2016-Mar/2017 -Bibo International
-English Teacher
-Online english classes taught over Skype to
Koreans, Japanese, Turkish, Brazilians, Taiwanese
-Izmir, Turkey
Oct/2014-Apr/2015 -Self Employed, operated small private school
Alpha Foreign Language, 爱儿法外语
-Taught English, organized classes for French,
German, and Russian
-Harbin, China
July/2013-Oct/2014 Orange Language School , 橙鱼外语
-English Teacher
-Taught English to all ages
-Harbin, China
Sept/2008-June/2013 Harbin Normal University, 哈尔滨师范大学
-Professor of Oral English
-Prepared students for speaking exams, mostly
focused on accent and listening skills
-Harbin, China
Oct/2007-Jan/2008 -Hei Long Jiang University, 黑龙江大学
-Professor of General English
-Teaching IELTS preporatory classes (English
proficiency exams)
-Harbin, China
Oct/2006-June/2008 -Jordan English, 乔丹英国
-English Teacher
-Teaching children ages from 2 to 11 basic
American English
-Harbin, China
Aug/2005-Sept/2006 -Self Employed
-Private Teacher
-Gave private English lessons, mostly
-Warsaw, Poland
Jan/2004-Jan/2005 -Iowa Army National Guard Reserves
-Combat Engineer and Computer Network
-Bomb Squad and computer network
-Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
May/2003-July/2004 -Access Direct Telemarketing
-Telemarketing Service Representative/Mentor
-Sold AT&T service as well as was a Mentor,
responsible for training New-Hires, was an
extension of the training department
-Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Oct/2002-June/2003 -MCI Worldcom
-Customer Service Representative
-Dealt with customer account issues, suggestively
upsold account features and plans
-Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Oct/2000-Sept/2001 -US Air Force
-Communications/Navigation Systems Specialist
-Repaired aircraft radios and radars, and guidance
-Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

(Tiếng Việt) Educational Background:
Sept/2000-Oct/2002 -University of Waterloo
-History Major
-Bachelor of Arts (Honours History)
-Studied through correspondence 2000-2001
-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Sept/1998-May/2000 -Kirkwood Community College
-Studied Liberal Arts, but with classes set up for
further Linguistics studies, college had no
Linguistics program
-Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA


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